Live Stream

Our media team is broadcasting live stream from selected games to YouTube. If technology works following games can be followed live and recordings will be also available after game.

If direct event stream link doesn't work check Viikingit04 YouTube Channel


GroupDayHome TeamAway TeamGame startsGame endsLink to live stream if game is recorded

Friday 21,4,2017

AAAY Czech Vikings (Cze)HIFK16:0017:00
AAAYPeViikingit RedStockholm Capitals (Swe)17:0018:00
AAPeViikingit YellowKiekko-Vantaa AA18:1519:15
AAAAPeViikingit WhitePorin Ässät AAAA19:3020:30
AAPeViikingit YellowVaasan Sport AA20:3021:30

Saturday 22.4.

AAAYLaJokerit BlueCzech Vikings (Cze)8:009:00
AAAYLaOZO Stars (Lat)Team West Coast (swe)9:1510:15
AAAYLaStockholm Capitals (Swe)Jokerit Blue10:1511:15
AAAYLaCzech Vikings (Cze)Viikingit Red11:1512:15
AAAYLaHIFKStockholm Capitals (Swe)12:3013:30
AAAYLaKiekko-Vantaa AAAYBlues BJR13:3014:30
AALaPelicans AAViikingit Blue14:4515:45
AAAALaViikingit WhiteAIK (Swe)16:0017:00
AAAALaVaasan Sport AAAAEHC Biel (Sui)17:1518:15
AAAALaAIK (Swe)Porin Ässät AAAA18:1519:15
AAAALaEHC Biel (Sui)Viikingit White19:3020:30
AALaPelicans AAVaasan Sport AA20:1521:15

Sunday 23.4.

AAAYSuStockholm Capitals (Swe)Czech Vikings (Cze)8:009:00
AAAYSuKiekko-Vantaa AAAYOZO Stars (Lat)9:1510:15
AAAASuAIK (Swe)EHC Biel (Sui)10:3011:30
AASuVaasan Sport AAViikingit Blue13:3014:30
AASuKiekko-Vantaa AAPorin Ässät AA14:4515:45
AAAASuViikingit WhiteKiekko-Vantaa AAAA16:0017:00
AASuPorin Ässät AAVaasan Sport AA17:0018:00
AAAASuPorin Ässät AAAAEHC Biel (Sui)18:1519:15


Link to Viikingit04 YouTube channel: